kinesiologyBio-Kinesiology is also known as muscle testing. It is an easy way to "talk" to your body's innate intelligence. By asking questions, we can find out the best ways to help your body achieve and maintain optimal health in all areas - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This technique can be very helpful when you can't seem to find the cause of a discomfort.

I have been using a simple form of muscle testing for the last 14 years. I found that I had a natural affinity for this and connect quickly with my client’s body. The questions to ask come quickly to me, which is a key component since what we are doing is providing a way for your body to “answer” yes or no.

When I do a kinesiology consultation, I check for issues in all areas of your life. We may find energy blocks that need to be released. We might determine specific vitamins or herbs that are needed. And we ask questions that are related to your current concerns, and what treatments are going to work best for you.

The initial session usually takes an hour or so. Follow-up sessions usually take less time.

"I truly wanted to find out what my body was saying – with Joyce, we were able to tap into my inner self.  Thanks for helping me heal my body with natural ingredients!"

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